Hip Pain

For several years my hip had become increasingly painful.   Walking on rough ground was a nightmare, and it became impossible for me to climb stairs leading with the affected leg or carrying any weight.  If I drove the car more than 10-15 minutes, it would take me almost that to be able to stand straight once I got out.  I do often have problems in my lower back and pelvis and regularly visit a chiropractor who can generally sort me out by manipulation.  However, it was obvious to us both that this was new and it was she who suggested I may have Trochanteric pain syndrome, otherwise known as bursitis.
I arranged an appointment with Nick Fernadez who initially gave me a cortisone injection which helped temporarily but the pain soon returned.  I was then given a scan which confirmed the bursitis and arrangements were made for me to have physiotherapy which helped marginally, but only after 20 sessions.  Midway during these, Mr Fernandez said he would like to try Shock Wave Therapy which he thought might help rather faster than the physio, but I chose to complete the course.
At the end of the physio I waited for a while to allow the treatment to work.  The bursitis was still there, so it was clearly time to try the Shock Wave Therapy.  At the end of September 2009 I had three 10 minute sessions in as many weeks and within a month of the last treatment I was pain free and have not had a twinge since!
The treatment is quick, only mildly uncomfortable and the only after effect is relief!

T.C. Blandford, Dorset


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