“I originally broke my tibia playing football in april 07, and had an operation tibial nail inserted. Since removal of the nail in jan 08 I have had aggravating pain in the resulting scar tissue in the patella tendon (patella tendonitis) The actual break had  healed with no problems but the tendonitis restricted the level of exercise, particularly football and running, that I could participate in before pain resulted in me having to stop entirely. This would then last for a few days. I returned several times to my NHS doctor  and tried several methods to control or heal the injury, including intensive physio and a couple of targeted steroid injections- both methods worked for about 4 weeks but then the pain returned.  I decided to use private care- after an initial consultation my doctor Mr Fernandez suggested using shock wave  treatment. The whole process lasted 10 mins .It was suggested 3 separate treatments would be required. The treatment feels like a very light repeated knocking on the scar tissue, 2500 times in total- it sounds a lot but it’s very quick. It does feel uncomfortable whilst in use but  I could feel the difference immediately afterwards. I have since returned to playing football and running with less restriction than before and now it’s just about regaining my fitness. The treatment has certainly lasted and I have even been able to go snowboarding which I never thought would have been possible before the treatment. I would certainly recommend the treatment.”

J. Scott, Swindon, Wiltshire 


How it works

ESWT produces high energy shock waves and delivers them to the tissue via the surface of the skin, avoiding the need for needles or surgery...



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