Tennis Elbow

I developed tennis elbow after a particularly vigorous and unaccustomed game of  tennis doubles. Rest, anti inflammatory gel and physiotherapy didn’t cure it. I couldn’t bring myself to have the painful injection.

Two years later I was still in significant pain -work  was painful and recreation (tennis, windsurfing and kite surfing) was also inhibited. I had 3 shock wave treatments. Although uncomfortable at the time – the pain was reduced by about 50% immediately the treatment stopped (I believe the nerves get numbed). After 3 months to my delight I noticed all the tenderness and pain had gone and I have never looked back.

N.F. Upwey, Dorset


How it works

ESWT produces high energy shock waves and delivers them to the tissue via the surface of the skin, avoiding the need for needles or surgery...



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